Hello World!

Today, Sunday September 30th, 2012 I bought a book. Well, not a book as such because it has no words. A journal to be exact where the pages are as empty as my head is during those times I have blogger’s block (for my other website, that is).

With a cover showing an old world atlas, what better place for my journal to be than headed to the airport. Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m off to some distant land with a desire to record my travels for prosperity. Well, nope. A few months ago, I had the idea that I wanted to send a blank book around the world. My hope is that as people come across it (or are handed it by someone else) they will share their life with me; their culture, their day-to-day activities, their hopes. Perhaps they’ll even take a photo with my journal at some special landmark, or simply wherever they happen to be.

It’s a lazy way to keep a journal, relying on other people to fill it for me. But think of how exciting it will be to read when it finally comes home, which I truly hope it does. So, whether you are the first, the twenty second or the ninety ninth person to write in my book, please know that I have boundless anticipation at the thought of reading about you, your homeland and your dreams. If you are the last person to put pen to paper, I hope you will have the kindness of heart to send it back to me.

So, my daughter is delivering it to friends who are leaving on a jet plane (as the song goes) and as I write this post, I am like a 6 year old waiting for a birthday present. When the journal left my hands, I thought about how many other hands it will pass through. I cannot wait to hear from the people that make entries in my book, send me emails or make comments on this site. I realise that days, weeks and months (hopefully not years) may go by without a word being sent from anyone, but I’ll wait…

…for as long as it takes.

So keep me company, why don’t you, and watch as the story unfolds right here.


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