Bon Voyage, Again

Book Around The World

So, here I am, 10 months after the launch of Book#1, sending Book#2 out into the wide, blue yonder. I have hopes for this one, I feel more connected to it and that’s probably because it’s technically more advanced than the first one. Okay, so it is still just a book but this one has a little black and white maze in a box on the cover (also known as a QR Code) that, when scanned, will bring the user to this site.

Does it seem weird that I wonder if someone will scan it in a country so remote that I don’t even realise they have smart phones there? Well, perhaps I’ll find out.

That’s the intent behind this whole project. Learning first hand about the framework of this world from the mouths of a variety of ethnicities. Sure, I have the good old www. at my fingertips with the ability to answer absolutely any question I ask but reading their own words in my book is more of a personal conversation. It’s the sit-down, face-to-face talk that I am unable to have with someone from every country, in their country.

Book #2

Book #2

Book #1

Book #1

So, take a moment to look around. Who knows? You might just see one of my books.


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