Over the Great Lakes of Canada to Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

“I’m flying over the Great Lakes as I write this…Hopefully you’ll be able to read the entire entry one day.” ~ Brian Ramoutar

“Made a quick trip to Glacier Bay, Alaska…. Then off to Vancouver, Canada.” ~ Brian Ramoutar

What a stunningly pristine backdrop for my book…Thanks, Brian, for the photos. Don’t drop my book in the lake!!!

Glacier Bay, Alaska..the place one imagines seeing fat little puffins sitting on a rock, a bear absconding with the catch of the day, and the lob-tailing of the lake’s largest inhabitant. Who wouldn’t marvel at seeing the familiar shape of a whale’s fluke slap down onto the mirror-like surface of the lake? How cool would that be? Really cool, glacially cool.

So, Brian, were you fortunate enough to spy some of the local wildlife?


3 thoughts on “Over the Great Lakes of Canada to Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

      1. Addicts Are Us

        I am just getting started as well and hoping the same so good luck to you friend. If you have the time and wouldn’t mind feel free to read my autobiography I posted. will have more posts soon. hoping to help the addicts out there still suffering I know that’s a risky thing to blog and post about but if I can help one person, you know?

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