Grandpa’s Secret Letter

PapsOkay, I admit it. I’ve been hibernating. Even though it’s Canada, this year has been brutal. That, coupled with the fact that I’m not into snow sports, makes for an extremely long winter. But I’ve been thinking about my books and wondering where the heck they are. I’m having a hard time believing that they haven’t landed in the lap of someone who owns a mobile phone, laptop or iPad…someone who could upload a photo, story or anecdote to my web or Facebook page.

I can only deduce that they are floating around on some wonderful paradise island that has yet to be ‘connected’ to the rest of the world. Now if it were me, I would want to stay on that island but I seriously hope my books continue the journey I sent them out on by hopping on a ship and setting sail.

When I came up with this idea, it was purely for selfish reasons. I wanted to get the books back so that I could read the pages that had been filled with the pen and pencil scribblings of people that I would never meet. I dreamed of having a letter written especially for me in a tongue I could not decipher so that I could enjoy the excitement of locating a translator and, ultimately, finding out the hidden message.

But now I want Book #2 back for a very different reason. On its maiden voyage to Vancouver, a special somebody wrote in that book. We’ll call him Brian’s Grandpa, known fondly as ‘Paps’. At the time he was given the book, I believe Paps knew exactly what he wanted to write but perhaps couldn’t quite bring those thoughts to mind. But, with a little assistance and knowing how important it was to help fill the journal, Paps put pen to paper and the words began to flow. What words, exactly? Nobody knows.

At the heart of my memories are the wonderful older women that helped shape my life and although I never met either of my grandfathers, I can certainly appreciate that Brian and Paps had something special. The words he wrote in my journal were on a plane as they headed towards Alaska on a family trip. Brian doesn’t know what he wrote and, sadly, Paps is no longer with us. That’s why I want the book back…not for me, but for Brian and his family.

Watch their Journey to Alaska video here:




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