About This Site

September 30, 2012

Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I started this website today when I sent a blank journal around the world. It will be dedicated to the people who email me or make comments on this website as a result of finding, and writing in, my book.

I love to travel, but what I have done so far is a mere drop-in-the-bucket compared to what I would like to do. Ideally, I would love to visit every corner of this earth and meet people of every tongue.

I have walked old Roman roads; stood very close to Stonehenge; potholed (spelunked) in caves; stayed in the elegant homes of a (distant) royal; gone to the bottom of the sea in a submarine; climbed up one, and flown between two, volcanoes in the Pacific; flown a Cessna over the Niagara River; gone 7 storeys into the depths of a mine; taken the train through the Chunnel: narrowly missed a connecting flight to Paris; even more narrowly missed a hotel fire in Italy; was sure I was the only person who didn’t scream on a flight that felt more like the elevator bottom dropping out from under us; had a fabulous ski run down the Alps which ended with me slamming into an instructor and sliding through his feet.

There’s much, much more but, when all’s said and done, it’s really not much at all. However, one can always live in hope…..







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