Did You Find One Of My Books?

I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT….but which one did you find?

Book 2 - QR Code

Book 2 – QR Code

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Book 1 – Red Stripe

Book 3 - #SendMyBook

Book 3 – #SendMyBook

With the help of people like you, I would like to learn about the different hands that have held each book and also about the countries through which the books have travelled. I can’t wait to read whatever you decide to write or draw when each book is full and finally comes home. What an exciting time that will be! So, I ask you to, please:

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2) Write In The Booktell me your hopes and dreams, draw a picture or write a poem
3) Pass It Alonggive the book to someone who is travelling to another village, town, city or country